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MGMT – Little Dark Age

Download MGMT – Little Dark Age Lyrics [Verse 1] Breathing in the dark Lying on its side The ruins of the day Painted with a scar And the more I straighten out The less it wants to try The feelings start to rot One wink at a time [Chorus 1] Oh Forgiving who you are For what you stand to …

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Jessie Ware – Your Domino (Acoustic)

Download Download iTunes Version Jessie Ware – Your Domino (Acoustic) Lyrics [Verse 1] What can I say? What can I do? If it’s alright I’d like to fall in front of you And if there’s a fate, tell me it’s you It’s back and white I don’t know why I’m so confused [Pre-Chorus] Left to my imagination It’s a long …

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Julia Michaels – Fire

Download Julia Michaels – Fire Lyrics [Verse 1] There’s so much tension between us, it kills We even make people uncomfortable There are happy endearments to make something real So, can we be the ones that explore them all? [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause you know you move me, move All the ways that you move me And I know I move you …

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Julia Michaels – Icarus

Download Julia Michaels – Icarus Lyrics I was reaching for heaven It became my obsession But I guess it was more like a curse and less like a blessin’ And It was perfect on paper But there weren’t any layers And how can a kiss of an angel feel more like a stranger? [Pre-Chorus] I try to take it all …

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24hrs – Go Up (feat. T-Pain)

Download [Intro: 24hrs] 24hrs and you know it’s T-Pain Oh woah Let me see you do that, right now [Chorus: 24hrs] Go up Then come down Go up Then come down Go up Then come down Go up Then come down [Post-Chorus: 24hrs + T-Pain] I’m not judging you Yeah, but them prices going down I’m not judging you Yeah, but …

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Fifth Harmony – Can You See (from The Star)

Download Fifth Harmony – Can You See (from The Star) Lyrics [Verse 1: Normani] We’ve all been searchin’ for somethin’ Somethin’ that’s bigger than us to believe in [Refrain: Normani] Who knew a star was so close it could touch us? Light up our hearts, lead the way through the dark [Pre-Chorus: Dinah, Lauren & Normani] I’ve waited all my life …

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24hrs – What you Like (feat. T-Pain)

Download 24hrs – What you Like (feat. T-Pain) Lyrics [Intro: 24hrs] 24hrs and you know it’s Hit-Boy 24 hits, Twenty with your bitch [Chorus: 24hrs] I wouldn’t mind if you stay the night Send your first and last name for the flight Don’t confuse me with all the hype I’m your type, I know that this is what you like …

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