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[Verse 1] Oh, hi, Mr. Claus, it’s me, Logan Paul! 22 Christmases, ain’t heard from you at all It’s maybe ’cause I’m naughty, or maybe ’cause I’m nice Or maybe ’cause I met Mrs. Claus and hit her twice Sneakin’ down my chimney, homie, that’s a crime Breakin’ in and enterin’, you just crossed the line Got no milk and …

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Louis Tomlinson – Miss You Video

Louis Tomlinson – Miss You Video Lyrics [Verse 1] Is it my imagination? Is it something that I’m taking? All the smiles that I’m faking “Everything is great Everything is fucking great” Going out every weekend Staring at the stars on the ceiling Hollywood friends, gotta see them Such a good time I believe it this time [Pre-Chorus] Tuesday night …

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Ellie Goulding – O Holy Night

Download Download ITunes Version [Verse 1] O Holy Night The stars are brightly shining It is the night of our dear Savior’s birth Long lay the world in sin and ever pining Til He appeared and the spirit felt its worth A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn [Chorus] Fall on …

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Big Sean and Metro Boomin – Big Bidness (feat. 2 Chainz)

Download [Intro: Big Sean] Yeah, you hear that? That’s inevitability You can’t stop this shit, I’m too tapped in Too loyal [Verse 1: Big Sean] Surrounded by a few of my niggas who did breaking and entering Through a bidness with them because they can’t break a commitment Look, I’m a magician, I belong inside Magic City Got too much …

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Migos & Marshmello – Danger

Download Download iTunes Version Migos & Marshmello – Danger Lyrics Tryna get demons up outta me (demons) Turn to a beast, eat your arteries (beast) Deceasing opponents so properly (opponent) Unleashing the dark side what got to me (got) We come to take this shit over (hey) Foot on the gas, hear the motor (skrrt) Switchin’ my thoughts, I’m bipolar …

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Smooky Margielaa – Not Right

Download Smooky Margielaa – Not Right Lyrics [Intro] Murda on the Beat so it’s Not Nice [Chorus] Aye, Murda on the Beat so it’s Not Nice (uh) Try to flex the foreigns know your mans tight (uh) If you talking hell, we wack you, wet wipes Pull up drippy to the scene then it’s Night, Night Aye, Murda on the …

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Ralo – Trending Freestyle (Moneybagg Yo Diss)

Download Ralo – Trending Freestyle (Moneybagg Yo Diss) Lyrics [Intro] Ayy I’m ’bout to win this Trending Freestyle thing right But y’all can tell that pussy ass nigga he can keep his verse I don’t want it You ’bout to get bodied by a nigga with a squeaky voice nigga Haha [Chorus] You trending You better not let me catch …

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Mr. Hudson – Coldplay (feat. Vic Mensa)

Download [Chorus: Mr. Hudson] Twisted silent Please decipher We can still try We’re too young to die [Verse 1: Mr. Hudson] So much for the fail safe Wrong way down the runway This scene’s playing over I can’t think when I’m sober I hear what you don’t say My heart beats like a freight train This place doesn’t feel the …

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Charli XCX – Out Of My Head (feat. Tove Lo and ALMA)

Download Charli XCX – Out Of My Head (feat. Tove Lo and ALMA) Lyrics [Verse 1: Tove Lo] Glitter in my sheets Dancing on no sleep I don’t learn, wanna burn, wanna turn all the way up, yeah I don’t learn, wanna burn in the dirt ’til I’m out of luck, yeah [Pre-Chorus: Tove Lo] Pills and potions and terrible …

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