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MGMT – Little Dark Age

Download MGMT – Little Dark Age Lyrics [Verse 1] Breathing in the dark Lying on its side The ruins of the day Painted with a scar And the more I straighten out The less it wants to try The feelings start to rot One wink at a time [Chorus 1] Oh Forgiving who you are For what you stand to …

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Jessie Ware – Your Domino (Acoustic)

Download Download iTunes Version Jessie Ware – Your Domino (Acoustic) Lyrics [Verse 1] What can I say? What can I do? If it’s alright I’d like to fall in front of you And if there’s a fate, tell me it’s you It’s back and white I don’t know why I’m so confused [Pre-Chorus] Left to my imagination It’s a long …

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Julia Michaels – Fire

Download Julia Michaels – Fire Lyrics [Verse 1] There’s so much tension between us, it kills We even make people uncomfortable There are happy endearments to make something real So, can we be the ones that explore them all? [Pre-Chorus] ‘Cause you know you move me, move All the ways that you move me And I know I move you …

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Julia Michaels – Icarus

Download Julia Michaels – Icarus Lyrics I was reaching for heaven It became my obsession But I guess it was more like a curse and less like a blessin’ And It was perfect on paper But there weren’t any layers And how can a kiss of an angel feel more like a stranger? [Pre-Chorus] I try to take it all …

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24hrs – Go Up (feat. T-Pain)

Download [Intro: 24hrs] 24hrs and you know it’s T-Pain Oh woah Let me see you do that, right now [Chorus: 24hrs] Go up Then come down Go up Then come down Go up Then come down Go up Then come down [Post-Chorus: 24hrs + T-Pain] I’m not judging you Yeah, but them prices going down I’m not judging you Yeah, but …

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Fifth Harmony – Can You See (from The Star)

Download Fifth Harmony – Can You See (from The Star) Lyrics [Verse 1: Normani] We’ve all been searchin’ for somethin’ Somethin’ that’s bigger than us to believe in [Refrain: Normani] Who knew a star was so close it could touch us? Light up our hearts, lead the way through the dark [Pre-Chorus: Dinah, Lauren & Normani] I’ve waited all my life …

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24hrs – What you Like (feat. T-Pain)

Download 24hrs – What you Like (feat. T-Pain) Lyrics [Intro: 24hrs] 24hrs and you know it’s Hit-Boy 24 hits, Twenty with your bitch [Chorus: 24hrs] I wouldn’t mind if you stay the night Send your first and last name for the flight Don’t confuse me with all the hype I’m your type, I know that this is what you like …

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Alesso, Anitta – Is That For Me

Download Alesso, Anitta – Is That For Me Lyrics [Intro] Is that for me? [Verse 1] Oooh, come a little bit closer Come and get a little piece of mine, yea Let me, take over Nothing wrong with feeling right Oh no, don’t be selfish It’s getting late look at the time Been thinking ’bout it all day What we …

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